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When Gulls Fly Low

It's About Time

Life by Drowning


Welcome to my book page, and thanks for dropping by.

I have written nearly a dozen books, but unfortunately most have been out of print for some time. However, thanks to new publishing technologies, I am pleased to be putting some of the best back in print along with new titles never before published. Below is a partial listing of the titles involved.


  Title Genre Description Status
When Gulls Fly Low Novel A story of dreams, love, healing, and transformation Available NOW!
It's About Time Non-fiction A redefinition of the basis of astrology that is consistent with the teachings of Seth, Abraham, etc. Available August 2004
Life By Drowning Short-fiction A collection of short fiction Available August/September 2004
SearchCraft non-fiction How to find people and information online Available September 2004


I have for a long time wanted to give you, the reader, input into the writing/publishing process, and now I can. I invite your comments on any and all of the titles listed. Just go to the pages for each book, read what's there, and drop me a line with your comments (a link is at the bottom of each page). For now, just browse as the spirit moves you. I hope you find something to love.

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