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Welcome to the Spacious Present


The term "Spacious Present" is borrowed from the book Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts. It expresses for me the real nature of the present moment, here and now. Standing in that present, we look back to the past, forward to the future, and all around at the present. We also look outward in space (which in astronomical terms also means looking back in time). Even though each moment is excruciatingly fleeting, we still have this sense of spaciousness at all times. In other words, the present is never without a context, if only psychologically.

Each of us has our own personal Spacious Present, and in it we are as gods: we create reality in the most magical fashion. And we are so deft at it that we often perform this magical feat without the slightest knowledge that we're even doing it. Most people would even argue that it is not true at all, that they are surrounded by a reality, past, present and future, that is not of their own doing. Others see beyond that limited perspective, and realize that they are the authors of themselves, their lives, and everything they experience.

It is to these individuals, and to those who aspire to be, that this site is dedicated. I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit.

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